Fruita Grad Makes Broncos Cheer Team

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders held tryouts a couple of weeks ago and one of the newest recruits started her career on the Western Slope. Katie Martin was one of 26 girls to make the team.

Martin spent four years on the Fruita Monument High School POMS team. After graduation she went to CSU where she is now a junior studying Fashion Merchandising. She has been on the CSU dance team since her freshman year and a few of her teammates will join her in the Mile High city.

“The girls are so amazing and just seeing how close they are with each other… I'm just so excited to build those relationships with them," Martin said.

The tryout process she went through was a little over a week long and over 200 dancers tried out. There was a series of routines she had to learn, interviews and tests about football.

"So many people have helped me,” Martin said. “My parents have helped me so much and supported me through everything I have done and I have had so many dance coaches along the way at Fruita and at CSU."

Her mother, Sheryl Martin, says it was one of the most intense audition experiences she has ever been through. About halfway through tryouts Martin pulled her hamstring, but pushed through and was still able to perform well.

“It was fun going through it with her even though it was nerve wracking and very stressful. It was really a hard audition to go through," Sheryl said.

Her parents have been there every step of the way and couldn’t be more proud. They plan to attend every home game and even travel to some away games. Her family, including her brother, even went to Denver for the last night of auditions to cheer Martin on.

"I couldn't be more proud,” Sheryl said. “I have watched her since she was a little girl dancing and wanting to do this so I think it is pretty inspiring to live a dream."

Katie said the most vital part about tryouts was being physically fit because the routines were so high energy. The team has already started prepping for football season and they will have a training camp during May. Martin won’t be on the CSU team anymore, but she will have to drive to Denver a few times a week for practice.

“I’m most excited for the first game when I get to be in the stadium and on the field and it’s real, because right now it just doesn't seem like it's real at all," Martin said.

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