FrankStrong - beating testicular cancer

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Back in October, we introduced many of you to Frank Born, a Grand Junction man battling cancer, with an army of super hero supporters behind him.

Throughout his entire fight with stage three testicular cancer, Frank remained confident he would pull through.

He spent weeks in Seattle getting tested and treated, but multiple rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries later it paid off -he's cancer-free.

"There was never a plan for me to give up," says Frank. "When you've got all of the support and people telling you, you got this, keep on doing it, don't ever surrender, keep fighting, it just makes everything so much easier."

Frank attributes his strength through the entire process to the people who have been there and surrounded him from the beginning.

He says he felt obligated to prove to those people he was strong enough to pull through and that he'd never give up, for them.

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