Fighting for a spot on the ballot

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Candidates across Mesa County gathered Tuesday evening to battle for a spot in the November elections. But what exactly goes into getting your name on the ballot?

The caucuses are just the first of several steps potential candidates must take, but it's an important one.

After filling out the paperwork to become a candidate, the campaigning begins. Then, at caucuses like those held on Tuesday, party members select delegates to go to their assemblies. Finally, those delegates will vote for who will appear on the ballot.

"It starts right here tonight and it goes to the county and the state and national," says Grand Junction Mayor and Mesa County Republicans member, Sam Susuras. "The people that come here tonight are the absolute grassroots of American politics."

The Mesa County Republican Assembly will be held on March 29th at Central High School.

The Mesa County Democratic Assembly will be a week earlier, on March 22nd, also at Central High School.

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