Dispatcher helps save two lives on her first day

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. During her first day as a 911 dispatcher Jamie Rockey received two phone calls where she assisted with CPR.

Her first call came from a girl who was with a friend who stopped breathing and lost consciousness. She worked with her trainer to follow Emergency Medical Dispatch protocol and walk the girl through CPR. She stayed on the phone with the caller until paramedics arrived on scene and soon after got confirmation that the patient was breathing.

"It was a relief knowing that during that time of stress and after that, hearing that he was breathing, it was great," Rockey said.

Her second call came in a couple of hours later from a woman who could not wake her husband. She walked her caller through the same process.

Doctors confirmed that both patients were breathing by the time they got to the hospital.

"I'm just glad that I was able to help the families and I was glad that my trainer was there with me the first day," Rockey said.

Along with other new dispatchers, Rockey trained in a classroom for four weeks, took a CPR certification class and participated in a few sit-alongs before actually taking calls. The Grand Junction Regional Communication Center Manager, Monica Million, said that they do everything possible to equip their employees with the skills necessary for the job.

"We work really hard at making sure our people are ready when they hit the floor,” Million said. “We do assign them to a training officer for a period of time so they're never alone."

Last year the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center Assisted in only nine total cardiac events making it extremely rare for a dispatcher to receive this type of call in their first year, let alone their first day.

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