Cyber security fraud

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A word of caution for shoppers, cyber security experts are warning 2014 could be a big year for scammers.

There are certain ways security experts say you can protect yourself though, and they start with being extremely suspicious of any person or program asking for personal information through e-mail or other non-secure means.

There are some safeguards already in place though.

"There are some services available in the marketplace now," says Robert Benjamin from Networks Unlimited. "Credit card companies have really started to lock down if your card is used in a zip code you don't normally shop in sort of thing, you could be denied, I think that's the reality going forward, especially in 2014."

Another tip, be very careful when checking your statements as fraudulent charges may not jump out at you.

In fact, expert say scammers have been using smaller charges, only a couple of bucks here and there, to test an account before really wiping out accounts.

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