Council takes an inside look at the Avalon Theatre

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Avalon Theare renovation project is moving along as scheduled. Monday afternoon Grand Junction’s city council and other city officials took a guided tour of the work.

Council members asked questions about the renovation and were able to see firsthand the progress crews have been making inside the historic building.

"I think it's important for anybody who has an opinion or a say in what’s going on. I think it's great that people come and check it out and see where the money is going and really understand what’s going on here," says Brian Young, project superintendent.

After council's tour of the building they held a workshop getting an update on fundraising for the project, including the one million dollar "Dola" grant recently rewarded. That grant will help with amenities such as restrooms, a new concession stand, and a multi-purpose room.

Project officials are pleased with the money they've been able to raise to this point but say they are still seeking donors. They have also just rolled out the new “Take your seat” campaign, as a way to raise funds.

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