Snow plows take to the streets

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Slick and snowy were the words used to describe the streets Wednesday afternoon but crews worked all day to clear them.

The storm brought more than six inches to most parts of Western Colorado, putting snow plow drivers into high gear.

CDOT has a limited number trucks working day and night to clear the stretch of interstate between the Utah state line and West Rifle.

"We'll stay out 'til we get the roads completely wet," says Paul Trujillo who works for CDOT. "Probably 'til tonight at 3 in the morning we'll stay out until it's completely done."

CDOT's drivers work 12-hour shifts, clearing the lanes and drenching the roads with the apex solution, or a liquid salt.

They ask that if you see them coming, stay behind them and stay below the speed limit.

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