Class creates money savvy middle schoolers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Some area middle school students spent spring break learning the life skill of money management.

Alpine Bank representatives brought a financial literacy course to District 51 6th-8th graders the past four days.

Students were then put to the test on money-themed material Friday morning and they had the chance to earn $.50 for each correct answer.

"if we really promote that financial literacy piece, kids as they get older, it's going to make the banking relationship for us in the long run be a little bit smoother," said Carolee Hawkins, of Alpine Bank.

The course was offered to students as an elective in the District 51 middle school spring break camp.

One of its main lessons was the 10-10-10-70 principle.

Under that financial theory, 10% of money is saved, 10% is invested, 10% is shared and the final 70% is spent.

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