City launches IMAP GJ app

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. City officials have fixed an access issue for mobile device users wanting to look at Grand Junction’s various maps. Now you can access all of the city's maps this includes city, business, and public safety maps from your tablet.

Previously, the only way to access the city's geographic information system or G.I.S. web site was with a computer. This meant that I-pad users couldn't access the information, however, with the new app called I Map GJ changes all that.

"More people are using them and we see people coming to our site that can't use our web site on their tablet so we're making it available, It’s really convenient to use your IPad and sit on your couch and use our GIS,” says Jackson Trappett, GIS analyst.

The app was created by city staff and is free to download. It doesn't work on smartphones, but that's a goal for the future. Officials say so far about 100 people have downloaded the app.

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