City Council passes panhandling ordinance

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Junction City Council has moved tonight to accept the police department's proposed ordinance prohibiting certain types of panhandling.

The proposed ordinance has been a controversial one. Dozens of protesters rallied in the rain outside City Hall today, to have their voices heard. Some feel the ordinance infringes on their freedom, while others say it's just unfair for the homeless.

"They're still imposing on the people's freedom of speech," said Chuck Beechen of the GJ Result Tea Party.

"The city needs to quit trying to use law enforcement to every problem they have. There's a ten year plant in homeless, they probably can help out now, but they've ignored it,” Eric Niederkruger.

Police Chief John Camper said the city received over 400 complaints in 2013 about aggressive Panhandlers in our community.

Council voted to pass this ordinance unanimously saying it's a good balance to stop aggressive panhandlers, while protecting freedom.

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