City Council buys a back-up generator to save money

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Recently renovated fire station number 1 located on Pitkin and 6th street, was recognized at the Grand Junction city council meeting Wednesday night.

The city, the fire department, and the architect firms Life Group and TCA, were given the silver award in renovation by the Fire Chief magazine. The architects were recognized for their design work, while the city and the fire station were recognized for their partnership with the designers.

"It’s is nice to be honored for that because as we look at the facilities and plan for the future we are really trying to make appropriate changes to either a new facility or an existing one," says Ken Watkins, Grand Junction fire chief.

They do this by making the station safer by separating the equipment from the living areas and providing quicker response times out of the station.

Also at the council meeting members decided to go with a Boulder area company for the purchase and installation of a backup generator at the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant. During peak hours when Excel has a high demand on their system, they ask big consumers to drop off their grid saving the city money long term.

"By us purchasing the generator we're going to be able to drop off their system at that critical time and as a result receive a premium for doing that," says Dan Tonello, Wastewater Services Manager.

Council voted unanimously to go with Powersecure located in Boulder for the project. They outbid Sturgeon Electric Company located in Grand Junction, by more than $600,000.

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