City Council approves budget for 2014

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Junction City Council and city staff have spent months debating and crunching the numbers to come up with the city's 2014 budget. At Wednesday night’s council meeting they took the final step towards approving the $132.4 million budget with a unanimous vote of seven to zero.

Some of the highlights in next year's budget include a fire training facility, the Avalon Theater renovation, and the beginning of the North Avenue streetscape project.

"Our revenues this year did not come in where we thought they were and next year we had to budget the revenues flat and there still might be some risk in that but I think the city staff is ready to deal with that issue if they need and I think this is a good budget to deal with that," says Marty Chazen, City Council member.

Phyllis Norris commented during the meeting on Wednesday that the 2014 budget was a real learning process and feels that they have a solid budget. The 2014 budget reflects an 8% reduction from 2013 which is a $13 million decrease from this year's budget.

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