Catching reckless drivers

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. A warning to drivers, Colorado State Patrol is stepping up its enforcement to catch reckless drivers in the act.

Whether you're late for an appointment, or rushing home after work, speeding can put you and those around you in danger.

Now, with the help of an aerial view, CSP is doing its best to catch those drivers before they cause an accident.

"As I'm flying over I just pick out vehicles to clock," says Colorado State Patrol Technician, Blayne Smith. "What we're doing is a basic time and distance speed clocking so you get an average speed."

White marks are spaced out on the roads between a half mile and a mile apart.

Then, using a stop watch designed for measuring speed, the pilot clocks how much time it takes for a car to pass between those lines.

If they're moving too fast, he radios to a patrol car on the ground with a description of the vehicle.

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