Car seat sleep dangerous for children

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Soothing an anxious child to sleep by driving around the block a couple of times may seem innocent enough; but now, experts say it's not.

Car seat technicians with Hilltop's Family First program are trained to sport issues with your child's car seat.

They say knowing how to use a car seat correctly is extremely important and for infant car seats, ensuring they're always at a 45-degree angle is a necessity.

"One of the things with an infant carrier is that they're always rear-facing," says technician, Denise Rodriguez. "The reason for that is that the child is too small to be in an upright position and the reason for that is their airway can become constricted."

As they sleep the child's head can bend forward, making breathing difficult.

Hilltop's Family First program does monthly, free car seat checks at the health department or by appointment.

For more information about them, call the car seat hotline at 254-4112

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