Can you call in sick?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Reports of swine flu and upper-respiratory infections are becoming widespread in Mesa County.

For those who still come down with the virus, the best cure is a lot of rest and a little patience.

With families to feed and bills to pay, days off work are often hard to justify; however, for those days when you can't get out of bed, you may have to call in sick.

Many local businesses realize how important their employee's health really is.

"Health and wellness really runs the gambit from being a part of our HR department to being part of we have nursing services and nurses and health assistants that deal with stuff for students," says District 51 spokesperson, Christy McGee. "Really this kind of effort runs the gambit across our district."

District 51 teachers don't have normal sick or vacation days, instead, each gets ten leave days per school year to use at their discretion.

Other big employers in the area, like StarTek, are reporting 'quite a few' sick employees.

Officials with StarTek say their staff can call into an attendance line if they're feeling ill, and those who haven't acquired paid time off are encouraged to make up the time missed.

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