Cafe serves up french toast for local animal shelter

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Animal lovers and breakfast food enthusiasts came together to raise money for the Roice-Hurst Human Society.

Laughing Dog Coffee House held its 2nd Annual French toast fundraiser for the local animal shelter.

"We want it to be a community place and contribute to places and so I said, 'Well we can cook French toast,'" said Suzanne Bjorge, owner of Laughing Dog Coffee House. "We can make French toast in the oven and have a great fundraiser."

People enjoyed baked French toast with homemade whole wheat bread and all the fixings to benefit Roice-Hurst's animals in need of homes.

"We can't always volunteer time all the time so this is our little way of helping out," Bjorge said. "We try to do things for multiple places."

Last year's event raised $600 for the shelter, but Bjorge said she hoped to double that this year.

Proud pet owners could also enter a photo of their "laughing" pet for a dollar donation to the shelter and a chance to win a gift certificate to the cafe.

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