CSP warns no luck for drunk drivers St. Patty's Day weekend

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. For those heading out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend, law enforcement is reminding people to hand over the car keys if they've been drinking.

"You just got to remember you can't go out and do the drinking and driving and think that you're fine," said Corey Hulse, regional manager of Citadel Security. "Think that you can just go get a pack of cigarettes at midnight because that's when you're going to end up getting caught."

Colorado State Patrol and Citadel Security teamed up with local radio DJs from KEKB Friday to show just how much alcohol affects someone's driving.

Within three hours of drinking, the participants, Josh Taylor and Mackenzie Dodge, had blood alcohol contents twice the legal limit and they had a difficult time driving pedal bikes through an obstacle course.

"If I were to get in the car right now, I would be injuring myself and everybody else on the road," Taylor said. "Not only that, but if I were to get pulled over, I would get a DUI."

Local law enforcers begin heightened DUI enforcement 6 p.m. Friday and that will continue through 3 a.m. Tuesday.

Almost 500 people were arrested in Colorado during last year's St. Patricks Day weekend.

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