CDOT, CSP team up for DUI enforcement campaign

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. As part of CDOT's "The Heat Is On" campaign, they're teaming up with Colorado State Patrol for another DUI enforcement period.

It began on Friday and will go through next Monday, during a time when many people consume alcohol at holiday parties.

While it's the season for celebration and fun with friends and family, CDOT is urging drivers to plan for a designated driver or alternative transportation ahead of time to keep yourself and others safe.

392 arrests were made this Thanksgiving weekend in Colorado, and there were three alcohol-related fatalities on roadways.

Last December, 13 of the driving 34 fatalities were alcohol related, with five of them falling during the holiday enforcement period.

Nearly 2,000 Coloradans were arrested last year for a DUI from Thanksgiving to New Year's.

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