Body shops stay busy in wake of winter weather

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Winter weather is keeping auto repair shops busy. Slide-offs and spin-outs create a surge in business for body shops, but the increase in work creates a longer wait time.

"With the influx of business, there are longer periods of waiting to get your vehicle fixed because we have so much more work to do," said Jamie Current, the Owner of Superior Body Shop.

Nearly 15 vehicles have been towed in, just this week to Superior Body Shop. And the owners says most of the work is being covered by individual's insurance policies.

"The majority of people go through their insurance. You do have some that don't want to use their insurance policy and pay out of pocket," said Current.

Refinishing, suspension, disassembling and reassembling is the name of the game when it comes to repairing damaged vehicles. And icy conditions can cause more serious damage to cars.

"You see a lot more suspension damage where people slide off into curbs," said Current.

For smaller dings and dents, there's a faster, less expensive fix with the Dent Repair Specialists mobile shop.

"A shopping cart gets away or maybe it's just a slipping on the ice and falling into it with your elbow, that's the kind of stuff that I do," said Lyndsey Jackson, Owner of Dent Repair Specialists.

Superior Body Shop is scheduled out until the end of December and soon service may be backed up until mid-January. They say some of the delay comes from waiting for auto parts to be shipped to the shop in order to finish work on a vehicle.

Dent Repair Specialists say their services run around $100 and they are mobile, so they can come to your residence or workplace.

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