Broncos bling get pets in the Super Bowl spirit

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CLIFTON, Colo. Many are buying their Broncos gear to get ready for the Super Bowl and some are choosing to deck out their dogs too.

You can get your dogs into the team spirit with orange and blue. From painted nails, animal friendly fur dye, feathers, to football themed bling and temporary tattoos.

The owner of Paw Prints Pet Grooming says your pet can be perfectly groomed to cheer on the Broncos.

"Spirit, I mean we deck ourselves out so why not our dogs," said Melissa Bibeau, groomer and owner of Paw Prints Grooming.

Paw Prints Pet Grooming is offering a Super Bowl special, with any grooming service, 'Broncos bling' is complementary. You can call 256-1938 or 985-5237 for an appointment. They are located at 595 34 Road in Clifton, Colorado.

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