Bedazzling your dog, new trend hitting the valley

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CLIFTON, Colo. Many of us like to pamper our pets from treats to toys to temporary tattoos. It's an extreme grooming trend taking off right here in the Grand Valley.

Tony Garcia's poodles, Sasha and Niesha, are the queens of his home and when he took them to get groomed he decided to take it up a notch for the holidays.

“I worked in Washington D.C. and they had dogs every which way that you could think," said pet parent, Tony Garcia.

Melissa Bibeau is the owner and mastermind behind Paw Prints Grooming and was recently inspired by the East Coast trend of bedazzling dogs.

“It’s a fun way to express your own creativity on your dog," said Bibeau.

From nail painting, to fur feathers, to bling, dogs are able to get decked out for any occasion.

And who says tattoos are only for people? Temporary pet tattoos put a sparkle in their step. And highlights? Yep, dogs can get those too.

Melissa’s been grooming dogs since she was a teen and one of the best things about making dogs beautiful is being able to make time for her family.

“The great thing about grooming is we can still groom and do other things, go to school, raise kids, raise a family," said Bibeau.

Paw Prints Grooming has an array of designs available for your pet and they can create custom designs on your dog. You can even bring in your own stencil work or idea, if you'd like to match your child's birthday party, favorite sports team, or have them ready for the holidays.

All of the products used at Paw Prints Grooming are animal safe. The designs aren't limited to dogs, she says cats can do it too.

Paw Prints Grooming bedazzling is by appointment only, call 256-1938 or visit their website linked to this article.

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