Avoiding an avalanche

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MESA, Colo. With more and more people hitting the slopes, experts are warning thrill seekers to be aware of the potential risks of leaving designated areas.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center currently lists the avalanche danger level for the Grand Mesa as considerable, a level three out of a possible five.

Officials say most people get killed by avalanches during level two and level three forecasts because you won't see a lot of avalanche activity, but they can still be manually triggered.

"You want to be sure you only go through the gates that are provided for back country skiers," says Powderhorn Ski Patrol Director, Rondo Beucheler. "If they are closed please respect the closures and do not go out in the back country that day."

Experts recommend every person enjoying the back country check the conditions, get educated and have the proper equipment.

They also say no matter how prepared or experienced you might be, traveling with a partner is always a good idea.

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