Palisade hopes to avoid a train catastrophe

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PALISADE, Colo. There are about ten trains that pass through Palisade every day and recent derailment tragedies have caused the town to evaluate their safety precautions.

On Tuesday night, the Palisade Board of Trustees met and unanimously passed a resolution that would help prepare the town for a railroad disaster.

The resolution requests real-time information about what chemicals are being moved through Palisade on trains.

This would allow emergency responders to react to an incident and assess damage much faster.

"You've got to know what chemicals you're dealing with or combination thereof, " says Mayor Roger Granat.

The resolution also supports a move to new, sturdier rail cars for transporting hazardous material.

Now that the resolution is passed the mayor is planning on passing their request on.

Union Pacific provides training for emergency crews and typically travels to towns that ask for this kind of information.

The Grand Valley hasn't had a derailment in over 70 years, but there have been 79 releases of hazardous material by trains in Colorado.

Granat is also planning to sign on to a letter written by Senator Mark Udall urging the department of transpiration to implement safety standards for trains.

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