A new phone app helps smokers quit

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Need help in your quest to quit smoking? Well now there's an app for that.

Colorado launches the fight against tobacco use which remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the state.

Newly installed in Mesa Mall is the Colorado Department of Health's Tobacco Quit and Save kiosk.

The kiosk is designed to get the word out about a new mobile phone that helps smokers kick their habits.

The app tracks the amount of money you saved, the days you've added to your life along with the days since you last smoked.

"I keep telling myself if i save enough money i'm going to go get a new pair of sunglasses or i'm going to treat myself to do this or that and that's been really helpful to see what money i have saved so far," tells us, app user, J.J. Forsman.

The app also has built in location aware-technology that gives users reminders to avoid purchasing tobacco when they are in or near places where it is sold.

The Colorado Tobacco Quit and Save app is free to download and available to anyone with an iphone or andriod device.

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