Remembering Lydia Perez

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. 18 year old Lydia Perez was killed in a car accident early Saturday morning on the way home from a desert party.

Perez and her cousin Alexis lost control of the car and flipped one and a half times after a curve.

Alexis Perez who was driving the car was uninjured, and was later arrested after being suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Lydia was a senior at Furita Monument High School, and she leaves behind an 11 month old daughter.

Perez’s friends say they are struggling to deal with the sudden loss.

Ciara Romero, a friend of Lydia’s said there are no words to describe the loss, " She was an amazing person, she did anything can to help anybody, she was never sad, she did everything for her daughter, her daughter was her world, and I just miss her."

Family members said they hope that out of their tragic loss other teenagers will see the dangers of drinking and driving.

"Just get the message out to kids, don't drink and drive, to call anyone, their parents, even law enforcement's," said Vendy Cisneros, mother-in-law of Perez.

Grand Junction Police Sergent Stan Ancell said that while this accident is horrible, it has all too often, "obviously when people drink your reaction times change and your normal decision making isn't the same, so it just creates problems with safety and driving."

The driver of the car Alexis Perez now faces charges of felony vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, and several other charges.

The family has now set up a fund in Lydia’s name to help cover the costs of funeral preparations and to help take care of the little girl she leaves behind.

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