Marijuana campaign aims to educate teens

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo The Mesa Country Drug Threat Oversight collaborative (DTOC) are rolling out a new educational campaign to tackle pot use among teenagers.

Pro drug free is an initiative that aims to inform teenagers and their parents of the neurological dangers of teen marijuana consumption.

Steve Schultz, DTOC chairman said the hazards are a cause for concern.

"Adolescences, teenagers using marijuana can interfere with the development of their nervous system. A brain isn't finished development until someone is in their early twenties"

Despite the legalization of marijuana across Colorado, many are unaware of the harm the drug can have on the growing brain.

Therefore the Mesa County DTOC is pushing a new educational campaign, pro drug free, to raise awareness of the dangers of teenage marijuana use for students and for parents.

Leigh Fitch is the director of "neural activity" a drug prevention program combining adventure activities with a drug prevention curriculum for teenagers. Fitch says the educational campaign is a step in the right direction.

"I like the campaign messaging as its information based, because it is information based, it’s not another scare tactic, it really is just the latest science."

Schultz and the drug threat oversight collaborative have created pro drug free after identifying dramatic increases in the potency of marijuana over the last twenty years.

The campaign hopes to provide students with information that will help steer them towards the right path.

"So our hope is that we can just educate parents so they have some facts to think about, so they can guide and counsel their children so they can understand the potential risk.

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