Big events downtown are affecting businesses

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. The grand junction off road days brings hundreds of racers and spectators to the grand valley in the last big summer event, but how are local businesses fairing during the three day event.

Main street store owners have mixed emotions about the many events that come thru the Grand Valley and how their businesses are impacted has also varied.

Candy Time Shoppe owner Elise Hall said she couldn't be happier with all of the events that take place throughout the year.

"The energy of the bike race is just amazing as most have been, most of the events that have been downtown have been really positive, we've just had a great time," said Hall.

But not everyone feels the same as Hall, some shop owners like Ron Maupin owner of the Haggle of Vendors Store claims some big events that shut down streets and block access to his store hurt his business.

"It blocks the parking lot so that regular customers can't get here and tourists don’t come because they don't know what's going on," said Maupin.

But overall officials at the Visitor's center and Convention Bureau said these events bring a welcome boost to the local economy.

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