The need for caffeine at CMU

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. One student at CMU speaks out against caffeine deprivation...the growing campus boasts a new hall for its literature and mass communications departments, but it’s missing caffeine and food amenities!

She has started the movement on to bring food, beverage, and caffeine amenities to those that will be attending class at CMU's new Escalante Hall.

While the student acknowledges that there are locations near the building where you can purchase all your snacking essentials, there's simply not enough time between classes to get your caffeine fix and avoid being late to class.

While President Foster has been made aware of the issue, he says there won't be a coffee shop opening up in Escalante Hall.

“Today I took over some coffee to the class that the young lady was in and delivered some coffee along with the eight top reasons that walking is good for you and to say you know probably not going to happen,” says Tim Foster, CMU President.

CMU has five coffee shops located on campus with two that are within 100 steps of Escalante Hall for students looking for snack or midday beverage.

The university also has a third-party vending contract so president foster expects to see some installed in Escalante Hall at some point this year.