Fungus growing in local Park

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. The grass may not always be greener after a rain shower; in fact Sherwood Park in Grand Junction is seeing many problems with their grass due to the rain.

Several fungi's have begun growing at the park killing patches of grass throughout the area.

Eddie Mort with Grand Junction Parks and Rec said that when grass stays wet for more than 14 hours at a time and mixes with the different herbicide sprayed create the perfect storm for fungus to grow.
"It's not pretty out here by any means but like I said the re-growth is coming back and we're doing everything we can and we do preventative measures as well," said Mort.

Officials with the city said this is uncommon and that the brown patches seen all around the park are of no danger to any park-goers.

Officials also said that your lawn is susceptible to these fungi's and if something like that happens any lawn care professional can easily treat the problem areas.

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