Pomona Elementary School Put on Lock Down

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. The school year seems like it has just begun but already one school was put on lock down.

Pomona Elementary School was put on lock down this morning after a person called 911 saying a person was walking near the school with a gun strapped to their waist.

No one was injured and the school was given the all clear but it was still a scary moment for Linda Foss who has two young girls that go to school there.

Foss said that thanks to the constant communication of the school and police she felt her kids were safe.

"They're the experts and I have to trust, I trust them with my children every day so when it matters and when it counts I still think that you need to trust that they know what they are doing," said Foss.

District 51 Schools have a policy in place where the schools try to send an email out to all parents within the first half hour of a situation occurring. And if parents sign up on the districts website they can receive text message alerts about any situation.

Every school staff member is trained in how to handle a lock down situation or any other emergency situation.

Every school in district 51 must conduct lock down and emergency drills at least four times a year.

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