The "Ender's Game" saga in District 51

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's a book that has sparked up controversy throughout District 51, and now more Mesa County parents and middle schoolers are coming forward with their take on whether or not “Ender's Game” is age appropriate.

It was the complaint of one parent that first brought “Ender's Game” to the attention of School District 51.

Joy Porter found problems with the book's racy themes and language that she deemed ill-fitting for her 6th grade daughter.

As a result, the book's been suspended until further review.

Parents aren't just concerned about just this one book. The influence of one community member to shape lesson plans is what has many other parents concerned.

“It makes me really uncomfortable to think that one person having certain moral or ethical or religious views can affect my children that much,” says Sarah Shrader, a concerned District 51 parent.

On the other end of the debate, Joy Porter simply calls for alternative literature for the 6th grade curriculum.

“I'm not saying ban the book completely, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that for eleven years old it has inappropriate content,” says Porter.

The Mesa County School Board has formed a review committee that will be reading “Ender's Game” cover to cover before deciding if it will remain part of the 6th grade curriculum.

The review committee will not ultimately remove “Ender's Game” from schools.

If it does not remain on the reading list, “Ender's Game” will still be accessible to students outside of structured lesson plans.

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