The drunkest county in Colorado?

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FRUITA, Colo. An annual DUI report from the Tiftickjian Law Firm indicates Mesa County is headed straight to the top of the charts when compared to statewide blood alcohol concentration statistics.

A 0.176 BAC makes us the “Drunkest County in Colorado” according to the data collected by the Denver attorney.

The lawyer also speculates that our famous wine country may be the cause for some of the BAC boost but Colorado State Patrol officers can't say the same.

“During the time that wine country and other festivals go on, we don't necessarily see an uptick in the number of DUI crashes or the number of DUI arrests so we don't look at it as a problem,” says Justin Mitchell with the Colorado State Patrol.

For 2014, Colorado State Patrol has decided to zero in on protecting citizens from drunk drivers before impaired driving crashes occur.

Their efforts have yielded some life changing results.

Increased DUI checkpoints and patrols have increased pre-crash DUI arrests by 100% compared to last year and decreased fatal DUI accidents by 15%.

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