Dog dies from gunshot wound in Fruita

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FRUITA, Colo. Mom of two Amber Wilson came home after taking a trip with her family to a horrific scene, "My dog is laying in the street in front of this mans house with a shot in the head in a puddle of blood."

Leo, a two year old boxer, was being checked on while they were out of town and somehow got out. Both sides acknowledge that's what happened, but why the dog was shot and what lead up to it is something they don't agree on.

Wilson's neighbor, David, reportedly shot the dog after his wife said he felt like he was going to be attacked. Wilson said the dog has never hurt anyone and while sometimes can come off as intimidating because of his size he was harmless and would even sleep with her eight and nine year old sons, "When he gets out he gets excited he's big he's high energy he runs he thinks he's like a wild horse."

However, David's wife Wyn McConkie, has a different take on the dog. She said they've had several issues with Leo in the past saying he has gotten out many times and her husband, who actually owns a boxer, tried everything he could to control the dog.

She says he had no choice but to shoot in an attempt to protect himself and his daughter..

"Once he got that close foaming at the mouth within a biting distance David shot the dog," McConkie.

While McConkie and Wilson both have different ideas of what happened they both agree that the incident is heartbreaking.

The Fruita Police Department said the investigation is ongoing, but under Colorado state law you are allowed to defend yourself against an aggressive animal. They said a number of witnesses reported the dog was being aggressive and at this time it does not appear that David committed any type of crime but was just acting in self defense.

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