Semi-annual Mesa County financial report is out

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. On Monday, the Mesa County Commissioners received their first look at the amount of money collected from property taxes.

Overall, officials from the county said things are slowly looking up and they are cautiously optimistic after seeing the amount of property taxes collected.

Mesa County Treasurer Janice Rich said the numbers she presented to the commissioners on Monday look very similar to the report from June 2013.

It gives county commissioners an idea of what the past six months looked like and can also give them an idea about what they could be seeing the next six months, as it applies to tax payer money going out into the county.

"Property taxes collected other fees and maybe prior year taxes collected, and the distribution of those fees and where they went," said Rich.

County officials say while everything is pretty close to the same as the last few years this is what was expected after coming out of such a big recession, and they expect to continue to see slow growth over the next few years.

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