TSA Prescreening process available in Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. If you dread waiting in airport security lines there may be another option, the Transportation Security Authority has started issuing security prescreenings.

To get the prescreening process done you make an appointment with TSA at the Grand Junction location, complete a background check, get finger printed and show two forms of identification, and after you pay the $85 fee, the next time you fly you can skip the long security lines.

Colorado native Leanne Gregg said it's a major advantage to be able to skip the long lines when you are traveling with kids.

“A lot less hectic especially when you have kids with you, because when you have three or four kids, there are all these shoes you have to put in the bins and all of that so it's a lot easier," said Gregg.

After having this prescreening process is done you no longer have to take your shoes or jewelry off, and you don't have to take anything out of your bags like liquids and laptops.

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