First ever marijuana friendly party comes to town

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Events dedicated to marijuana have taken place throughout the country but Canna Ball is more than just a reason to get high.

The Melrose Hotel on Colorado Avenue downtown is the first 420 friendly hotel in Grand Junction and now they're adding another first to their list by opening their doors to a cannabis party next month.

General manager Henry Starks said when he was approached about the idea he couldn't turn down the opportunity to not only offer a venue to those who want a place to feel comfortable using marijuana, but also a chance to educate people about the substance.

There will be an area with public speakers talking about the pros and cons of hemp along with cooking demonstrations in the kitchen to teach people about medical benefits and also how to make edibles.

"It's not just people wanting to get high it's people want a separate green alternative of finding themselves and taking care of themselves," Starks.

Canna Ball is the brain child of Samuel Hall who has been planning the event for the last four months. He said he saw an economic opportunity and decided to capitalize on it. He also is using it as a way to break the negative stereotype surrounding marijuana by requiring business casual attire and making it an organized, professional event, "We're not here to party we're here to just enjoy ourselves socially and operate in a safe and legal manner," Hall.

Hall has gotten feedback for and against the event and is hoping to strike up enough interest to educate as many residents as possible about the substance.

The event is only open to people 21 and older and smoking is not allowed inside the hotel, but only in the patio area. Masks will also be provided at the party for those who want to conceal their identity.

We reached out to the city of Grand Junction for their thoughts on the event but they have no comment. However hotel management said they've spoken with city officials and got the green light for the Canna Ball.

The Grand Junction Police Department is aware of the event and officials said just like any other event they will respond if they get complaints or violations.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased for $20 and they're $25 at the door on September 26th. For information on how to buy a ticket to the Canna Ball event head to:

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