Crews continue repairing county roads

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Keeping the roads we drive on up to date is an important task that road crews tackle every summer.

Crews have spent the summer working on more than 22 miles of roadways and still have another 6 miles to go before all the roads that needed repairs in Mesa County will be complete.

Chip sealing means crew go through the process of laying oil down over existing roads and then coating that with new gravel.

Road Crew Manager Lincoln Crawford said this process as opposed to waiting and completely redoing the roads can save the county money and time.

"It helps to extend the life of the road by 3 to 5 years gives it a high friction surface and makes breaking easier once the chip seal has set in,” said Crawford.

The cost of fixing all of these roads is nearly $450,000, but officials say the cost of repairing the roads would be thousands more if chip seal wasn't done annually.

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