Adults head back to college

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The growing need for higher education pushes many Grand Valley adults to start doing their research on going back to school.

It's often hard to figure out where to begin...applications, school fees, and registration become some of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of adults going back to school.

Tuesday evening, Western Colorado Community College officials hosted an information session for adults looking to hit the books and claim their higher education degrees.

“The world of work is changing so much that a lot of people really do need new skills, and there are new jobs all the time, there's things we're teaching students that ten years ago didn't even exist,” says Heather Exby, Director of Student Services at Western Colorado Community College.

Going back to school means many different things to adults.

If a four-year degree isn't what you’re after, there are several certificate programs and classes available to revamp your professional resume.

Courses that have gained popularity with adults returning or beginning their education as of late include computer technology, process systems, and computer generated design programs.

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