Teens work drug prevention into the National Night Out Community Party

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They may not be law enforcement but teens from our community are taking up arms against drug abuse and made a big appearance at this year's National Night Out event.

The law enforcement sponsored community party at Kimwood Park Tuesday evening was filled with fun activities and a new drug education session presented by Western Slope teens.

The Neural Activity Drug Free Crew, made up of Palisade, Fruita, and Central high schoolers talked through the negative effects of drug use on developing brains and bodies to all the children in attendance.

“If you learn from us as like an older sibling, you take it more like further, whereas with a cop you’re like oh, they're a cop they don't want us to do drugs,” says Kelsey Greenhow.

Despite the moonbounces and ice cream, kids were engaged and interested by all the knowledge the teens had to offer.

Group organizers hope to see the Neural Drug Free Crew grow after their success in this year's National Night Out and continue to participate in this community event for years to come.

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