Company offers creative option for conserving water

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GRAND JUNCTION Water conservation concerns are constantly a hot topic on the Western Slope, but one Grand Valley company is offering a way to have a green lawn that can survive without wasteful watering.

At the young age of 20, Daniel Walterscheid decided he wanted to start his own company, but he also wanted his work to have a positive effect on the environment, so he and his father Leonard founded Walterscheid's WaterFree Grass.

As a family of football players, the Walterscheids figured they knew turf better than anyone else, but it wasn't until they dove into research that they realized all of the benefits behind it.

"It's no fertilizers, no chemicals going into our soils, or going back into our water and and our rivers," Owner Daniel Waltersheid said.

Along with being chemical free it's also maintenance free meaning you can save time and avoid emitting lawn mower pollution.
According to Daniel about 91 million homes use water to irrigate their lawns.

"It's kind of a waste when you really don't have to do that and especially since there always seems to be a water drought issue," Daniel said.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency says that the average american household uses about 320 gallons of water a day and 30% of that is for outdoor use. They estimate that nationwide, landscape irrigation consumes about nine billion gallons per day.

"We pride ourselves in Colorado on having the great outdoors and we want to preserve those things for as long as we can," Leonard said.

Some of the Walterscheid's customers previously used house water to keep their lawn green, causing their water bills to go through the roof. Now on top of saving hundreds of dollars on water, they no longer have to pay for fertilizers, lawn mowers or sprinkler installation.

"In about two and a half years you're in a break even point and then every year after that you're saving money because this grass is going to last you 25 years," Leonard said.

Since the company started four years ago Daniel has also been attending Colorado Mesa University. Now he is the primary owner and expects Walterscheid's WaterFree Grass to have a positive impact all over the Grand Valley.

"It's slowly been growing and so it's been a huge learning curve for me that I feel a lot of people don't get the opportunity to do, so I am very fortunate for that," Daniel said.

Walterscheid's is the only synthetic turf company on the Western Slope, but they have been to several states to compare their product to other fake grass options. Their grass is 100% made in America and is a lot softer than the traditional turf that comes to mind.

They install their product on putting greens, sports fields and dog runs.

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