No more pot shop moratorium in De Beque

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DE BEQUE, Colo. The town of De Beque is moratorium free.

Many thought the wait to submit applications for recreational marijuana businesses was over but this may not be the case.

No paper applications were picked up and dropped off on Friday.

Town hall doors were closed as city officials were away on training and it's got the town buzzing.

“Well it's kind of shady since it's the day that the they're supposed to do it and everybody's gone, there's more than five people that work in that office all five can't take the same day off,” say TJ Butts, who’s originally from De Beque.

“Well with them being out of town and town hall closed, where are they going to submit their applications are they really for it or what, that's my question,” says David Jackson of De Beque.

Those anxiously waiting to get forms into the town hall will have to hold off for three more days.

"There's some people interested in putting marijuana stores in here, a guy from Glenwood, a guy from Durango, a couple guys from Grand Junction and I think we need the revenue and it'll help the town," says Darrel Kuhn, a De Beque business owner.

Regardless of the delay, pot shops will be making their way into town in the near future and residents are preparing for the changes they'll bring along with them.

Anyone looking to submit their applications will have to do so online through De Beque's website or wait until Monday to turn in a paper copy to the town hall.

Licenses to set up shop are not limited to residents of De Beque.

There's plenty of interest from outside the community to get in on the recreational marijuana business.

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