Mesa County residents react to charges against King

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. On Wednesday state prosecutors filled allegations against Senator Steve King after a 3 week investigation into his time spent with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

Senator King is facing embezzlement, forgery, second degree forgery, theft, and first degree official misconduct charges, after a $390 discrepancy in his time card was uncovered.

King who had won the primary election in the race for mesa county sheriff was then forced to drop out of the race a midst more allegations.

Mesa County resident Pat Brewster said she is in shock and was on board for King as the next Sheriff until all of this came out.

“You know here's a man that we trusted and voted into office and everything and now we find out he's facing criminal charges and everything, that's sad," said Brewster.

King will have his first day in court on August 18th at 8 am.

Two of the charges King is facing are felonies and the other two are misdemeanors, which could carry up to 3 years with the Department of Corrections.

However state prosecutors say that harsh of a punishment is unlikely.

We reached out to Senator King for a comment and he respectfully declined to talk to us about the matter, saying he appreciated us calling him but it would be inappropriate for him to talk at this time.

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