Recent plane crashes have residents rethinking travel plans

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. There have been three major plane crashed in the last few weeks and officials around the world are still trying to unravel the cause of Thursday’s Algeria Airlines crash.

The second black box from that flight has finally been located and French officials are asking for a speedy analysis of its contents so they can determine what caused the deadly crash.

Right now no possible reasons for the crash have been ruled out although French authorities say bad weather is a probable cause, after the pilot changed course due to severe weather.

A terrorist attack is also still being considered, since the plane went down in a restive area of Mali where extremists roam.

Progress is also being made on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that also killed all 298 members aboard.

Official have now identified the first victim although any information regarding that victim has not yet been made public.

With the recent spike in crashes many people across the United States are feeling nervous about their next flight, and Mesa county Resident Jamie Lee said she is feeling the same way.

"Well I used to travel to Europe a lot and I enjoyed it a great deal, and especially after 2001 and that incident I just to want to go anymore and it's a shame," said Lee.

While many residents agree with Lee and said they don’t see themselves flying overseas anytime soon, they have said they have no concerns about flying anywhere within the United States.

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