Getting caught in the monsoon

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Friday's rainy weather is first evidence of the Grand Valley's monsoon season.

The thunderstorm we've experienced earlier this afternoon is the first of our typical rain pattern for the summertime.

It's sudden onset has people running to their cars and cooped up indoors to avoid getting caught in the torrential downpour.

“I have a convertible and so like my top was down on my car, and so I was like I"ll just run home for a couple hours, and then I looked outside, and it was pouring and I had to run and put the top down on my car,” says Alexia Chapman.

“Driving is a concern with this much water, I am concerned with hydroplaning a little bit,” says Ben Gruber.

The dangers of the road are endless once the rain becomes involved.

It only takes two feet of water to lift and push seemingly solid ground downstream if you're driving on unpaved roads.

The National Weather Service advises the public to “Turn Around, Don't Drive,” when you encounter potentially dangerous situations when traveling in the rain.

There were reports of flooding all along the base of the Colorado National Monument on Friday.

The flash flood warning for the Grand Junction area expired at approximately 6 P.M. Friday evening.

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