Big changes for the Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn festival

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OLATHE, Colo. The 24th annual Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn Festival is just over a week away, and festival goers can expect to see big changes.

For the second year in a row a committee of community members is in charge of hosting the big event.

Last year the town of Olathe wasn’t able to raise enough money to put on the event until the group stepped in at the last minute.

This year the group said they have spent the last seven months planning the festival and adding new events, like the parade on Saturday August 2nd, a fishing derby, karaoke contest, and a Sunday night fiesta dance for all of the harvesters.

They also said you can still expect to see favorites like the corn eating contest, and all you can eat corn, provided by the Tuxedo Corn Company.

Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for kids, the Festival kicks off on August 1st and for more information on the festivities taking place during the three day Olathe Corn Festival visit their website at the link to the right.

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