Thunderstruck valley makes a boom downtown

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A new downtown hot spot has Main Street bustling and the local law enforcement's phone ringing off the hook.

All eyes are on Thunderstruck Valley.

The establishment has just completed its first month of business and it's got the town talking.

Compared to other popular nightlife spots in town, Thunderstruck Valley has doubled the service calls to law enforcement authorities from even the rowdiest of its competitors.

They totaled 36 calls in their first month of business.

However the reviews aren't all bad.

The influx of visitors downtown is providing local shop and restaurant owners a hearty economic boost.

"This is where people are coming to have a good time, it's new and that's always good for Junction,” says Scotty Waters of Thunderstruck Valley.

It's a relatively mixed reaction from the community.

Many have never seen downtown so alive while others are worried about the potentially troublesome crowds.

There's been no major incidents just yet and some local owners refer to this past month's activity as the bar's growing pains phase.

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