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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Department of Veterans Affairs awards nearly $400,000 dollars in bonus checks to directors of hospitals that are under investigation.

However, no such bonus was handed out at our own Grand Junction VA as it awaits its second audit.

Approximately, $2.7 million dollars in extra pay was distributed in 2013 to senior executive staff.

Among the award winners are38 the senior executives of hospitals being investigated for issues involving wait time.

For the last 18 months, the Grand Junction VA has been running without an onsite director.

The local medical center was not appointed a director until earlier this week.

“According to the last report, we have about 115 people on the EWL, all of but one of those are going to be seen under 90 days,” says Paul Sweeney of the GJ VA Medical Center.

The Grand Junction VA Medical Center is working on new ways to improve its appointment wait time situation including prioritizing of new patients based on their medical needs.

Enrollment staff and patient advocates are being trained to access those that require the most urgent medical attention when dealing with scheduling.

Since the initial audit, wait time results are being replicated and made accessible to the public every two weeks.

For more information on VA audit results, you can go to www.va.gov and click "Media" and then click on "Press Releases."

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