CBI to Investigate Senator Steve King

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Discrepancies on a time card of Senator King's from his work with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office have led authorities to take a closer look at his time there as a contract employee.

“As soon as the internal affairs investigation was made public my office started getting numerous requests from citizens to conduct some kind of criminal investigation,” says District Attorney Pete Hautzinger.

According to the Brady Ruling new information about the possible offenses of Senator King's action that come to light could affect his career as an investigator on prominent court cases in Mesa County.

The decision to further investigate was a unanimous decision between the District Attorney, the interim Mesa County Sheriff, and the Grand Junction Chief of Police.

Many don't know the details of the possible offenses of king and hope this investigation will give the community some answers.

"I would rather just get the facts I'm not really informed as to what has happened and it's bothersome to me at this time of the year,” says Larry Robinson, a concerned voter.

The investigation will be conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that has no prior affiliations with king and is fully supported by the candidate.

"I frankly think it's in everyone's best interest including Mr. Kings to have it thoroughly investigated from the criminal standpoint,” says District Attorney Pete Hautzinger.

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