CSP to motorists: Drive high, get a DUI

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FRUITA, Colo. Marijuana related DUI related citations and arrests skyrocket across the state and local authorities work to get impaired drivers off the road during the upcoming holiday weekend.

Now that pot is legal to possess in Colorado, the public has more access to a substance that greatly impairs your driving ability.

Marijuana affects your driving similarly to alcohol in addition to skewing your perception of time and significantly slowing down your reaction rate.

“In Mesa County, we have seen about 12 percent of DUI arrests related to marijuana in 2014, and this is about a half percentage below the Colorado marijuana related arrest percentage,” says Jeremiah Fenske of the Colorado State Patrol.

On average, a marijuana DUI related citation will cost you thousands of dollars and give you 12 points against your driver's license.

If you plan on being on the road during the holiday weekend, be aware of a DUI checkpoint in Mesa County.

The location will be announced 24 hours before the holiday, and there will be constant patrolling on the streets.

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