Water checks at Grand Valley community pools

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The kids are out of school and hoping to make a splash at the local pool, but is it safe to dive into the water?

The constant monitoring of the three pools by the grand junction parks and rec has proved to be very effective.

Officials work around the clock, they physically test chemical levels three times a day along with the help of computerized monitoring system that never stops running.

Staying on top of chlorine levels depending on the amount of swimmers on any given day is the most important safety measure for water.

“It will kill the dangerous bacterias in the water before it has a chance to affect anybody,” says Larry Manchester of Grand Junction Parks and Rec.

So far, there haven't been any problems with the cleanliness of the water this summer at any of three pools managed by GJ Parks and Rec.

Pool managers say if any sanitation issues do arise they won't hesitate to close pools down until safe, clean water is restored.

The Lincoln Park Moyer Pool, the Orchard Mesa Community Center Pool, and the Palisade Community Center Pool will be open until September 1st.

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